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Is my 2-1/2 Month-old teething???

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My daughter is 2-1/2 months old (11 weeks), and has been showing the tell-tale signs of teething, or at least what I've been told are since she's my first child. She drools all the time, gets whiney until she gets to chew on a finger or a toy, and responded well to baby teething medication I tried as an experiment. I always thought babies don't start teething until six months. Is it possible she's already teething? If not, what else could it be?

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hey! dont worry my son started teething at 2.5 months too! everyone told me it was too early but by 4mo he got his first 2 teeth! all babies grow at different rates so people cant say a baby cant teeth early, you know your child, follow your mommy instinct and keep doing what you are doing! other than orajel, sometimes what helped with my sons teething was giving him a teether that had been in the fridge cuz the coolness feels good on there gums:) good luck!
there is no set standard on the appropriate ages of teething, or when it starts. all babies are different, and in rare cases, some are born with a full set. my daughter had 3 teeth by 4 months, and 4 by 7. she's 20 months, and has 18. as soon as you see those teeth come in, schedule a dentist appt. i know it sounds silly at this age, but our dr said, "first tooth, or 1 years old, whichever comes first." look in the phonebook for a pediatric dentist.
And when you make that dental appointment - make sure you're seeing a dentist who sees babies that young regularly.  Most family dentists won't see patients under 2 or 3 years because the kids can't sit still long enough.  But when my then 17-month-old son chipped his tooth, I found a pediatric dentist who starts her patients at 1 year.  She was FANTASTIC, and now I recommend her to all my friends.  (If you live in Northern Virginia, I'll recommend her to you, too!)
My daughter teethed this early, had 8 teeth at 8 months, lost her first baby tooth at age 4, and had a full set of adult teeth at age 8. So, kids who teethe early tend to stay early the rest of the way. It was great--my daughter had her braces on and off before middle school! :-)Oh, and she had to get her wisdom teeth out at 15!  Not so fun, but over with early!
My sons 3.5 months old and ive been noticing these signs as well. Id put a couple teething rings in the fridge to be safe since Hylands teething tablets have been recalled and Orajel might not be safe. Then again thats just what Im going to do. Every Mom will do what she thinks best for her child. Good luck :)
Ive also heard from "veteran" moms that this is normal. Could just be a growth spurt. My baby gets fussy during his HTH
I think there is no certain age of teething. Any baby above 2 months can start teething. ThanksBabysitting rates

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