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my 2 day old son is not eating a lot, can he have a cold or something

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My son was born 2 days ago and he is nursing and getting formula if he still appears hungry, but my main concern is that he isn't getting enough because he will only nurse from 1 breast and drink an ounce of formula. He is spitting up after almost every feeding and he sounds like he is choking at times. I have to bring him back to the drs tomorrow and I am scared to question them about the possibility that he may be sick because when they released us they said he is fine, but I don't feel like he is. What should I do?

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Okay, use your instincts. If you feel he is not fine tell them. He may very well just have acid reflex which is common in babies. However, it could be worse. I take my kids to the doctors everytime I feel they are sick and usually they are. It is better to be safe than sorry. The longer you wait the worse it could get. If your appointment is tomorrow than that is the best time to ask questions. You won't make the doctor angry by asking. But not asking could cost you your childs health.
At 2 days old, your son has a stomach the size of a marble. I am guessing that the reason why he's spitting up is that he's being fed too much. At first, a lot of babies only eat from one breast and that can be normal. At 2 days postpartum you're likely not making milk but colostrum and he needs very little of that to be satisfied. It is likely that he just wants to suck or to be held. Have you tried offering him the other breast to see if he wants to suck on that? It is possible that, if he is making choking noises as you are breastfeeding, that your letdown is a little too much for him. That can be corrected easily and he will likely grow out of being sensitive to it in a week or so. If he is doing that when you're bottle feeding it is possible that either he is not hungry, the nipple shape is not right for him or that the "rate of flow" is too much. He may just prefer a different nipple. Unless he's having cold symptoms I'd say that he's healthy :) Spitting up after feedings can be normal. He will probably want to eat all the time (and you should feed him whenever he acts hungry to help with your supply and help your milk come in. I suggest seeing a lactation consultant so that he or she can help you figure out what is going on and help you correct any issues. It may just be that you two need to find your "Zen" with breastfeeding. That hit at about 2 weeks for me with my first child :)

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