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My 2 kids keep getting food out of the cabinets and dumping it out?

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My 2 kids keep getting food out of the cabinets and dumping it out on the floor in their room, punishment and cleaning it up hasnt worked and netiher has rewarding good behavior and not doing it, what do i do to keep them from doing this over and over again? i have installed child proof locks on my cabinets which they figured out how to use in 1 day, im at a loss here?

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Can you move the food up higher and put something else in those cabinets? I don't know how old your kids are but this is pretty normal. Maybe you need to try to keep them away from that area entirely? Can you put up baby gates?
my 21 month old daughter can figure out any baby proof item such as cabinet locks in a matter of minutes. when i took her out of the crib at 6 months (she climbed up and over, and then shimmied down the side rail in under 3 minutes!), my husband turned the crib into baby gates. we used them to block of the kitchen, and put a gate in front of her room, that can also block the bathroom. this has saved us a lot of headache, since she's half-monkey and climbs everything!
Sounds to me like they're bored, or they're hoping for a reaction from you.  The only way to counter that is to give them something else to do - send 'em outside to play, or sit and run the cars around the floor with them.  Anything they like doing - get them to do that instead of taking your kitchen apart!
Tie your drawers together with string. It is harder to get the knot out when they are young.
If they are toddlers they may just like the sound or the view of doing it. Give them something that is okay to dump and pick up and repeat. The biggest thing with baby proofing items, is that you can't do it in front of them, once they see they know. I keep my girls out of the kitchen all together, I put a gate up in the entry and it keeps them and our 2 dogs out while I have hot stuff cooking which is a big plus!

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