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My 2 year old constantly plays w his penis by taking out of his diaper

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He is always reaching into his pants and diaper to pull it out and play. He pulls at it. We cannot always see when his penis is out of the diaper so he is wetting all over the house, stroller, bed, and high chair. We do not want to do anything that would negatively affect him but, the penis play has been going on since he was old enough to reach it and seems to be getting worse.

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My son will be 3 in July, and he is potty trained.  He is constantly playing with his, and i am ok with that.  I do however set boundries for him, and make him respect those boundries.  Afterall, this is a completely natural for children (and some adults) to do.  I tell him that he is going to touch himself, he needs to do it in his room where there is no one around, and no distractions.  I have also made it clear to him that only he, mommy and daddy are allowed to touch him, and if someone else touched him, he needs to let one of us know. This seemed to get things under control for us!  I hope this helps!  Remember, this is a stage!  It may be time for you to begin potty training your little guy since he is now aware of his 'parts', and recognizes the different sensations.

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