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My 2-year-old has suddenly forgotten how to control her poo or pee!

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Being perfectly potty-trained, my daughter had no accidents for months and even managed to keep her bed dry for weeks. Everything went on smoothly untill she caught a cold which to my astonishment ended up in her complete forgetting her potty skills! She started by refusing to use the toilet although she knew she needed it. She would annouce her urge to pee but would deny it when I took her to the toilet and finally would wet her pants. This continued for 2 weeks and little by little she even did not announce anything any more! She simply pees and pooes in her clothes now. It's getting so frustraiting and it's bad for her cold too as she keeps wetting her clothes and it's winter so she keeps catching a new cold! Shall I use diapers again? Isn't it a big step backwards? I really don't know what to do.

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First, being cold does not give a child a far as the potty training goes, being sick, or any other interruption to a child's normal routine can cause a regression in areas such as potty training, sleeping, etc. don't go back to diapers, but do use training pants if they are necessary. Go back to the beginning steps of potty training, such as taking her to the potty chair or toilet every hour or so. She'll get it back eventually, but until then. You need to take things step by step.

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