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my 2 year old son doesn't want to sleep at night

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The past couple of nights when I lay my son down for bed he gets up and won't stay in his bed. So I put him on the couch with his cup of milk and he falls asleep. Then I put him in his bed and around 1:00-1:30am he gets up and comes and gets in bed with me. Then he won't fall asleep til 2:30-3:00am. Could he be doing this cause we are pregnant? I just miss my period 3 days ago and took a test and we are going to have our 3rd child.

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he's doing this because you have not put your foot down about bedtime. putting him on the sofa with a cup of milk, and allowing him to sneak in your bed is not solving your problem, it's only making it worse. when he gets out of bed, take him back quietly, and tell him, "get back in your bed. you need to stay here and go to sleep. it's bedtime." and leave it at that. walk out of the room. if you are still having issues with him getting up and walking around, put a gate on his door so he can't leave his room. my 21month old daughter has one in front of hers for similar reasons. let him cry it out. if you don't get a handle on this now, the older he gets, the harder it's going to be. and just imagine dealing with this on top of a newborn. yikes! hope this helps. don't let him turn bedtime into a powerstruggle. it's a vicious cycle.
Your child may be very intelligent but it cannot realise that you are in the club (pregnant!). In this kind of situation, you should take a babysitter as you need an extra care I mean rest...Hope you will be able to overcome it soon.Thanks.babysitting rates
I absolutely agree with the first post (pinkpaisley).  You should be firm about bedtime.  This is the time to teach them good sleep habits and it will make your life so much easier in the end!  It is all about repetition...he gets out, you put him back in bed.  Repeat "Don't get out of bed" over and over.  It will eventually stick. At 3 wks pregnant he would not know you are pregnant unless you have told him.  I wish you all the best!  Have a great pregnancy:)

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