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My 2 yr old had a diper that needed to be chaned in the mid. of night?

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My 2 year old had to go "potty" last night so she came to get me. When she walked in my husband and i were having sex on top of the blankets. This morning she came down the stairs amd said: "hey mommy, why was daddys winer in your china last night?" what should i tell her?

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just tell her that that's something moms and dad do at night and she shouldn't walk in your bedroom at night without knocking. the more vague you are the better. i remember when i was little, one of my family members was pregnant and i asked my mom how the baby got in there. she just told me that her husband put it there and i didn't ask anymore questions. you'd think i would've asked how he put it there, but i was 4. when kids are that young, everything you tell them is true. 
I agree be vague with your answer. She isnt wondering about all the details its just a simple question. So give her a simple answer. I also think once kids reach a certain age to start teaching them about privacy. Id start by when you go to walk in her oom stand at the door & knock on it to announce youre there. Then teach her that before she walks into mommy & daddys room that she needs to knock too. Hopefully she picks up on it quickly & theres no more personal time interuption besides maybe a simple knock.

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