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My 2 yr old is paniced about going to sleep, throws up every night now

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she has always had reflux but prevacid was working and she did not mind bed time, for almost 2 weeks now, she freaks out when sleep time is mentioned, lets out a burp almost instantly, then throws up. it is not even enduced by crying.

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Did you see her doctor about this? Maybe her medication needs to be changed.
I would definitely have her checked out by her doctor. That said, has there been any new stress in her life? Do what you can to make bedtime fun. If talking about it makes her upset, don't talk about it. Just take her for bath time, get her in jammies, read her some bedtime stories and cuddle with her. Then, sit next to her bed until she falls asleep. My daughter would start crying if I mentioned naptime or bedtime but she would go through our routines just fine if I simply led her down the hall to her room. Talking about it got her all upset, but just doing it made her accept that it was happening without upsetting her.
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