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my 21 month girl will not eat meat potatoes vegs or fruit only bananas

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Try chocolate covered strawberries she gets the fruit without it seeming to much like healthy food. Or you can give her v8 v fusion its got fruit and vegetables,plus you can mix regular v8 or v8 v fusion in her favorite meal or soak any kind of meat in it thats getting meat fruit and vegies.
Chocolate covered strawberries are great, but be careful because it could give her the impression that she can get away with turning her nose to anything she doesn't want to try and then be rewarded by getting candy covered fruit. My mom told me I didn't eat meat until I was 4 years old, and I still don't eat too much meat. Try to give her high protien things such as beans ( I make my own refreied beans by using black eyed peas (you can use any beans) heating them up in a pan and smashing them. Add what ever seasonings you want) even soy meat, my favorite soy meat is Buca meat and my girls love it. As far as veggies go, I always hide veggies in the things I cook, Spinach is the best but I use alot of peas, cauli flower and broccoli chopped very finely. Just remember to always offer veggies on their own as well, and remind them to try the veggies every time they are on the plate.If you haven't already tried it, you can make the veggies in a few ways. My girls refuse to eat warm peas, but if I serve them cold they will eat a whole bag. Their zucinni has to be grilled with just garlic on it, and they love fresh green beans but hate canned and frozen. It's really all about trial and error. Just never give up on something, their taste buds change as they get older.You can also take your child shopping, and let them pick out veggies and things they want to try. We go to a fresh produce market outside, and they have music playing and taste testers. We have so much fun and my girls always come home with a bag full of veggies they picked out and can't wait to try. I also let them help cook, or atleast wash the veggies.I was always told not to look at what a toddler eats in a day, but over a week. As long as they get atleast 2 servings of every group a week, they have a well balanced diet. If you are still concerned talk to your child doctor about vitamins or any ideas on how to help motivate them to eat more.  Good Luck!  I really hope this helped. 
I agree with KayKaysMom - try giving her the food cooked and presented different ways.  If you normally broil the meat, bake it instead.  Use a different combination of spices or marinades. Instead of serving in chunks, try shredding the chicken or beef.  Instead of putting it all on one plate, try spreading it out on her tray.  Give her a child-sized fork or spoon - maybe she just doesn't like eating with her hands.  Play with temperature: maybe she doesn't like it so hot, or so cold. It could also be a textural thing, and not a flavor thing.  Bananas are really easy to eat - maybe she's not comfortable with foods that have more solidity to them.  Try giving her more mashes, increasing the thickness as time goes on, as she gets used to chewing.  Good luck!
My 3 year old son is also a very picky eater and refuses certain textures, especially meat. We got him used to the taste of chicken by giving him vegetarian Chicken Tenders. They are much softer than real chicken, but have a very similar taste. He accepted the texture and now he loves them. Eventually he transitioned to actual chicken tenders. He is now finally trying other meats!My son refuses to eat anything green. The only vegetable he likes is corn, which has no nutritional content and is often genetically modified. So, as a vegetable option, we give him hummus on whole wheat pita bread. Since hummus is made of chickpeas it provides lots of protein and fiber. And he really likes dipping the pita bread in the hummus or spreading it himself. It makes him feel independent, which he loves! Store bought hummus can be expensive, especially if you go through it like my son does. You can make your own pretty easily but recipes usually make a large amount. So you can spoon it into ice trays and freeze it, then just microwave a cube for a few seconds each time you need it.I also make smoothies to get my son the veggies he needs. You can hide quite a bit of spinach and brocoli in a smoothie! In a blender, simply blend ice with 1 can pineapple, 1-2 bananas, a small handful of spinach, 1 brocoli spear and about a 1/4 of a small peeled beet. Kids love the nice red color that comes from the beet, so they don't realize the smoothie has green veggies in it. This recipe makes enough for the whole family. 2 warnings though...Beets stain everything so you have to be careful! Also, you can't refrigerate the leftover smoothie. It tastes terrible after being refrigerated! So I pour leftovers into ice pop molds. Kids think of popsicles as ice cream so they have no idea it's healthy! And you can be happy knowing they're getting a nice, healthy treat without any added sugar or high fructose corn syrup!There are also some juice brands for kids that have vegetables added. I stay away from the ones marketed to adults because they can contain a bit too much salt for a child.Have you tried applesauce? It's soft and bland like bananas so maybe your daughter would like it. There are a few brands without added sugar or artificial sweetners (a real no-no for kids). One particular brand also has applesauce with blueberries and strawberries in it. It has a nice appealing purple color and my son loves the taste.One other thing...I usually tell my son that the smoothie or applesauce is dessert. Just calling it dessert makes him think of it differently.I hope this helps! Best of luck!
try mixing veggies into the food she will eat. make homemade pizza and chop some veggies and stuff and hide it in the sauce/cheese.Kraft dinner has a new "smart" pasta where the pasta is actually made of cauliflower! you could try that also!Good luck. Don't give up!

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