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my 21/2 year old son

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y is it so hard potty training my son. we have been working at for months now am i doing some thing wrng?

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be consistent with whichever method you use. Supposedly you are supposed to be taking them in the bathroom every 15 minutes for them to try to go.
Well, what exactly are you doing to train him?  It's hard to say if you're doing something wrong without knowing what it is you're trying. Without knowing, though, you may want to consider that he might not be ready for potty training yet.  Boys usually lag behind girls in this regard, so just because the 2-1/2-year-old girl across the street is in her big-girl panties already doesn't mean your son is delayed.  Has he been giving you signs that he's ready to use the potty?  What have you been doing to encourage potty use?
My 29 month old son is now fully potty trained but that is truly not the norm.  Every child is different and you must be patient.  My oldest son took FOREVER...almost unitl 3.  Both of my sons are normal and well adjusted.  Don't worry and don't give up!  Here's a little secret, my youngest may be potty trained but he will not wean from the breast to save his life! So that is my dillemma.Anyway, here are a few things I did with my little one to help him along:1.  Get him a talking potty that he likes.2.  Take him to sit on the potty every 30 minutes so that he becomes familiar with it and how it feels to go.3.  Reward and praise him even when he does not eliminate.4.  Let him run around, at home, without diapers or pull-ups...eventually he will feel when he needs to go and tell you.5.  At home, allow him to wear cotton training pants. NO PULL-UPS.  He will have accidents but he will learn when to go.Good Luck!

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