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My 22 month old son is still ONLY eating baby food?!? What do I do??

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Start giving him what you are eating. He will get hungry enough and will start eating it. Offering baby food just is delaying the big boy food. He will learn to adjust. Also, he should be using sippy cups now. No more bottles.
He hasn't had a bottle since a week after his first birthday.. He just doesn't like the way it tastes. he spits everything that i give him and my husband and I offer him EVERYTHING. and he looks at us like we're crazy and won't come near us. It's driving me crazy. I mean he's almost two! 
Have you tried Gerbers lil entrees? My oldest daughter loved them. I'm not sure what you are trying, but maybe the flavors are too overwhelming to be starting with. Try really bland things, like a plain bagel with a little bit of cream cheese or butter, plain oatmeal (not baby oatmeal though), a simple Mac N cheese.My go to meal (I have a very picky eater) is spinach chicken nuggets. They can be as bland as you choose, are simple to make and I haven't met a toddler yet that wouldn't eat them. Let me know if you want the recipe, I will type it up if you think it will help.
Are you sure it's about taste?  It could be texture.  If he's used to the super-pureed foods, then going straight to something like Cheerios is a shock to the system (or the tongue).  Try making the foods chunkier in stages, so he gets used to the idea of thicker foods.  Keep offering him finger foods.  Better yet, make sure he sees the other toddlers eating finger foods - eventually he'll grasp that Finger Foods Are Cool, and he'll dig in.  (Or steal from the other toddlers.  That's popular with my tot.) Good luck!
KayKaysMommy, could I have that recipe? I bet my kids would love something like that.
You can add an seasonings you like. I love to eat these myself on a salad. Enjoy.Ingredients   1 16-oz  package frozen chopped spinach, cooked, drained, and chopped further if needed2 Large chicken breasts cut into bite sized chunks 1 cup Seasoned whole wheat bread crumbs 1 ½ cups shredded cheddar cheese (Try tomato & basil cheddar!) 2 cups plain yogart Directions Heat oven to 375F 1. Lightly coat a baking sheet with olive oil and set aside. 2.Cut chicken into bite size pieces 3. Combine cooked spinach, bread crumbs, yogart and cheese in a bowl. 3. dip chicken bits in, coating well. 4. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden and crispy.  
He eats crackers. I've tried to give him the lil gerbers, i tried cut up fruit, i've tried almst everything. I think its both, texture and taste. Baby food is so blane that any kind of flavor is super different then what he's use to. He eats cream of wheat in the morning and lately, I've kind of been holding out on the baby food and trying to get him hungry enough to try something. But my husband doesn't like that idea, he thinks he'll come around when he's ready, and until that time don't starve him to try to get him to eat. I don't know what to do!
They have "stages" baby food that get chunkier and add more flavor. They have numbers on the jars and the jars usualy get bigger too. I would try that route, and then move up to the toddler meals. Worked great for my niece, thankfully my daughter has always had a good appetite and has always wanted what mommy and daddy are eating.
Hi, This must be baffling!  Does your little one like - um - chocolate chips?  I used to be a nanny before I had my own kids; I've cared for 5 other babies-to-toddlers for more than a year each.  At one point, at about the same age, one girl - Madeline - refused to try new foods anymore.  With her older sister's help as an example, "Who wants to try a new food and get chocolate chips?" (your husband could help with the demonstration), we explained a "deal" - one taste of a new food, then one chocolate chip, another taste (can be the same food or a different one), another chip.  I can be hard for a little kid to understand simply by explanation, so someone "sitting in" for your son until he gets the idea is a must.  Yes, it's a form of bribery, but it worked for me.  Once a liked food was discovered, Madeline was happy to just eat some the next time.  It became a fun game from time to time, and she eventually stopped refusing to try new foods.  If you really cannot abide the idea of sugar bribery, you might try stickers or some other little treat, but in my experiences, sweets are the ultimate motivator.p.s.  I'd love feedback on this!
I wanted to add, if even bribery doesn't work, I personally woudn't be comfortable withholding liked foods entirely.  Some kids really just need to do their own things in their own time.Just keep making sure lots of other good choices are available, and be creative!  Doing something you think you don't like is "work" for anybody.  Sometimes it can be a matter of finding appropriate "payment" for the "work".  Good luck!

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