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My 26month old is hitting and sometimes biting and will say cry.?!!!!

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He is a very sweet child but has started displaying this behavior on play dates and mostly to the same children; They are usually younger than him but then he will kiss on the same child. I'm very confused.Sometimes he will do it at home to me also. He is told its not nice, it hurts and sits in time out. He will say im going to be nice but he will repeat the behavior.Very upsetting and embarrassing. Not sure what to do.

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when it happens at a play date, continue to tell him no. if he does it again, leave. he needs to know that there are consequenses for his actions. when he tries to bite or hit you, block it. that's the only thing that worked with my daughter. i would cause her to bite her own arm, instead of mine, and she realized how bad it hurt. when she would go to hit me, i would grab her arm to stop her, and say, "you don't hit mommy. be gentle with mommy." and then i would take her hand, and have her rub my arm, or back.
Time Outs! Also tell him if he doesnt hit or bite at this play date then he can have candy( or whatever you allow) positive reinforcement works the best for kids. Some people call it bribeing and dont agree but its positive reinforcement and it works i used it to potty train all three of my girls and i use it for bed time and to get them to eat all there dinner. Not all of them do it every single time but when they dont they dont get the popcicle or gum or whtever but they get the point. I dont mean go buy a toy every time he listens but do reward him for the things that he is consistantly doing wrong IF HE STOPS DOING THEM. 
O one more thing .....the doctor told me when my girls where that age and hitting .....they usually do it to the people the love the most :) crazy but intresting 
Dr. Sears adresses this issue here Toddler Hitting

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