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This is my 2nd pregnancy,I'm only 10 wks but cant stop being mean!

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I was 3 years younger when I had my last son, and while I got hormonal a bit (crying the silliest things) I never ever was actually angry at all. This time however, I am just losing my temper with the littlest things constantly! I've already gotten into such a huge fight (OVER COLD MEDICINE) with my mother-in-law and husband that she has stopped speaking to me. I also had my hours cut at my job for a week for mouthing off to a rude customer of ours instead of just dealing with it. What is going on?! I feel like I'm a moody teenager again who is completely incapable of controlling my temper! I need as many tips as possible for learning to deal with my anger and stress, because I know it's not good for my baby for me to be so angry and stressed out constantly but I am just finding myself unable to calm down and think reasonably! Help please! I worried I will have torn apart every relationship in my life by the time my 2nd child is here. My husband is even showing signs of dislike in me since my attitude has changed and I am afraid of losing him.

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I was like this while I was pregnant with my son, and I have flashes of it again with this pregnancy. With my girls, I never got angry, just cried over everything. I know how frustrating it can be. The littlest things make me want to start screaming and breaking things. Luckily for me, I can recognize that the anger is ridiculous and I take deep breaths or leave the situation for a minute so that I can calm down. My husband has PTSD and works hard to control his anger, so I feel like I don't have the luxury of being volatile for no reason.i know it's hard to combat hormonal emotional reactions. This is my fourth pregnancy. Whether it's food cravings, crying, or irrational anger, it's never easy to control. The best thing to do is be more aware of your emotions in general. When you feel yourself starting to get angry, or even if it's like a flip switches, be aware of it. Once you're aware of it happening you can take steps to control yourself. when you feel yourself getting angry, take a time out. Even if it's just to take a couple of deep, calming breaths, it will help a lot. If you're at work and dealing with a difficult person, see if you can have someone else can help you out. If not, take those deep breaths and remind yourself that you have to be courteous no matter what. At home, be calm. If you're getting to worked up over something you know is stupid, just let it go. Walk away from the situation. And always, always apologize for your anger, otherwise you really will ruin relationships.

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