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My 3 year old afraid of peeing

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Hi My 3 year old got slightly bruised her private parts in a small accident and it has healed since. But now problem is she is afraid to pee syaing that it will hurt. She will hold it for 2-3 hours, until she is not able to control anymore . Can you please give us some tips so that we can convince her that her bruise has healed and it does not pain. We have got the urine test and ultra sound done to rule out that she might be in pain indeed. Thanks Ritu Bharat

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My 4 year old daughter was having some issues with pain caused by a mild infection from bubble bath. We took her to the doctor mutiple times to rule out UTIs and other problems. Ultimately, I was told to use some antifungal cream on her until she said she was better. Just knowing she was getting medicine made things much easier. Now, she will occasionally ask for the medicine when she thinks she's hurting a little bit. If there is nothing wrong with your daughter, it's worth a try to see if she will feel better knowing she's getting a little medicine. You can use a little Neosporin, just so she feels like she's getting something done. It won't hurt her in any way and may ease her mind.

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