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My 3 year old cries and trashes the house when he cant see me..normal?

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My 3 year old has recently begun having these extreme temper tantrums and im not sure if it is just usual 3 year old behavior. Whenever he can't see either me or my husband he trashes the house and screams and cries.(ex using the bathroom) We were outside this morning while he finishing up his cereal and he was so upset he couldn't see us, he started throwing things screaming, yelling and crying. My husband went to pay for gas and my son got out of his seat, dumped out all of the drinks all over the car and was banging on the windows.. it all started about 3 weeks ago. Is this just normal 3 year old behavior? Im not sure what to do, time outs and taking things away arent working, and I know it is not healthy to have him next to us 24/7...

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My kids have all been through the normal phases pf separation anxiety (there a few of them during the first few years), but they have never done anything this extreme. This sounds like much more than normal tantrums or normal separation anxiety. Since this is new behavior it is likely caused by a big change in his life or by some kind of event that was traumatic for him. His need for constant company sounds like he is very insecure about being alone. Try to figure out what could have happened recently that would have caused this kind of reaction. If you can't find something that you know about, talk to your pediatrician and see if your son might benefit from seeing a therapist.

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