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My 3 year old daughter seems to be depressed what should I do?

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My son just started school a couple of weeks back. The first week she was ok but after that all she does is sleep or lay down until he gets home. I try playing with her but she tells me she doesnt feel good. She is still eating good and when my son gets home she is back to normal. Its even gotten hard to get them to sleep because all they want to do is sleep. (After their dad left they got very close. We all know that the three of us is all that we can count on.)

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This is probably a very hard transition for her. Is it possible for her to go to preschool or head start? Maybe being in school herself will help her to feel less anxious about being separated from her brother.Also, it's probably not good for your kids' emotional and mental health for them to feel like they can't count on anyone else. Yes, it's hard when a parent leaves, but there should be plenty of other people in their lives who love and support them. If they continue to feel like they only have each other and you, it will seriously affect their relationships with other people in a negative way.
They do have my family but after thier dad left they dont trust people.I do live out in the middle of no where so there are not a lot of kids out here for them to go out and play with. They both use to go to the same daycare but after their dad left I cant afford it anymore. She will be elgible for head start when she turns 3 next month.
Your kids should probably see a therapist so that they can talk about their feelings and can work things out. If they are this young and having trust issues, that's a big deal. They need a professional to help them learn how to trust people again, otherwise they will have these issues into adulthood.
I also want to mention that you need to be very careful about what you say regarding their father. Kids don't normally develop intense trust issues easily. It usually takes a major event, which they exeperienced when their father left, but also reinforcement. Do no perpetuate the idea that the three of you can't count on anyone else. The more they hear that kind of talk, the more they will internalize it, and the more they will avoid forming relationships with other people.
Lol. Wow!!! I know what I shouldnt say around my kids but thank you!!! And your taking this farther than the post was about! She misses her brother plain and simple! I took her to her doc and he said that she is just not use to being the only baby so now she is wanting to be the baby again. They dont need to see a therapist they are normal kids with normal issues and I am handling it great.
Don't be offended because someone is offering advice that you asked for. You are the one who said you think your daughter is depressed. You are the one who said they have trust issues. Those are two serious problems and most parents can't handle and treat those problems without professional help. It doesn't mean they aren't good parents. Plenty of adults and chidlren see therapists, it's not a big deal. 

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