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My 3 year old keeps talking to his late father, is this normal?

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My husband was in an accident when he was still 2 (April 23rd) the same weekend I went into labor with his brother, because of all this happening at once we had to move out of our duplex and in with my parents the same weekend. His dad passed July 30th. My son was in play therapy, I thought we had an understanding that he was gone and she didn't think he needed therapy. A couple nights ago my son told me his daddy daddy was coming, "He is at our home" Then last night he was talking up a storm looking in front of him. I cam out and he told me he was talking to Daddy Daddy, then told me it's okay and for me to go away so he could talk to Daddy Daddy. I walked away and started googling like crazy finding no answers. I am really worried.

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i dont know if its depends on ur version of normal..maybe he IS seeing him. maybe hes not. but its its comforting to him to know/think that hes seeing and talking to his dad i wouldn't worry.
wow that is really deep. I don't think a 3 year old would make something like that up. I think you need to have your son go to therapy or something to see what's going on
That's what I was thinking I put him in play therapy when the accident first happened, he went every week and to her seemed totally normal, she gave me a ton of newsletters and pamplets, but nothing covers this, so I think I will definitely call her back.
i would say that is it normal my little brother went through the same thing and he eventuallyy forgot abput it... except it was with my uncles girlfriend she died and she was pregnant and my brother would talk and play with a baby and the therapist said it was fine he will get past it and he did dont worry your son is fine
thanks I am starting to feel a little better, but am trying to keep an eye on things
i kno how u feel my twins father died when our twins was 11month and she would always say my daddy hungry or my daddy sleepy or my daddy this my daddy that and i would just look because she started to feed her dad when she would say my dad is hungry and she would get a cover and cover herself and say my daddy cold and she would go to sleep. i thought she was crazy. she would hold conversations with herself and laugh like he was in the room. i told his mother and she said he probably lookn down at them like there angel.she dont do it as much but i believe that your baby is talking to your husbands spirt. ive heard that babies can see the dead dont know how tru it is but it may be tru.
Maybe for him, pretending to talk to his daddy is theraputic. A lot of people who've lost loved ones still talk to them as if they are there listening and it makes them feel better/helps them to stop missing the person so much. I doubt this is anything to worry about. I am so sorry for your loss by the way, sounds like your little one will be just fine with a wonderful and caring mommy like you :)
Reguardless of spiritual belief (spirits, god, gods, things of  a good nature.,....) having imaginative play that allows children to learn about their social roles and the roles they observe is completely normal.  I think this behavior is probably more normal and less distressing to the parent when the target is a recerntl deceased grandparent.  My sister talked often to her great greandmother who died when my sister was 2.  She would talk to her on and off untill she was 6.  On the psyc scale talking to a perosn who you have filled in cant be any worse than to imaginary talking objects (stuffed animals) or actively to yourself (meditiation).  We have to explore these things, and if they are not easily available we are flexible creatures.  Based on my wifes new job, I frequently have to give myself performance reviews and make advice for emotional emprovment... Id rather have someone else give these to me, but this works 90% as well and at 10% of the cost and 25% of the time....
Wow, thanks for the help.  With him it seems everyday there are new questions, I never quite know what he understands or knows about what is going on and just keep hoping I am saying and doing the right thing for him.

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