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My 3 year old son will not poop on the potty.

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My 3 year old son will not poop on the potty. When we began potty training he peed and pooped on the potty and in the last few months he only wants to go in his pull-ups. He was hiding and pooping in his pants, but I've gotten him to go to the bathroom and stand there to go in his pants because "that's where we poop, in the bathroom". It started after he had a week's bout with constipation and I think (but not sure) that he equated pooping on the potty with painful BM's and started hiding and going in his pants. When we ask him why he poops in his pants he just says "My bum feels better". We've offered him every prize we can think of: going for ice-cream the instant he goes on the potty, toys of every kind he sees in a store that he likes, anything we think he's interested in we've said, "you can have that after you poop on the potty." His response is, "Ok, I don't need ice cream" or whatever it is. I have put him in regular underwear for a few months thinking it wouldn't feel as nice to poop in those and that didn't make a difference, so I put him back in pull-ups to save my sanity. Cleaning 2 toddler poops out of underwear and 4-6 baby diaper changes per day took its toll on me. We've let him go without any underwear or pants so he'll feel less secure, like they tell you works so well, and he just poops where ever and then plays in it, if we leave his pants off. If we put underwear/pull-ups on him, he will come tell us he needs a change. We've asked all his little friends, do you poop on the potty, and they say yes, and we try to show him that lots of kids his age do this, and he doesn't seem to care. He'll say, "Mommy, Ezra poops on the potty and I poop in my pants!". AAARRRGGG! My husband and I are at our whit's end. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is he just not ready and he'll get there someday? I was thinking that was the case when he first reverted to pooping in his pants again, but this has gone on approx. 8 months (I think)

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My BIL (who was 4-5 at the time) would not poop on the potty either turns out the reason was when he was constipated and tried to go poop his bowel track popped out (gross I know but it went back in on its own) so he also said it "felt better" to go in the diaper anyway my MIL took him to the DR and they prescribed basically child laxatives so that it did not happen anymore.  Apparently this is not as uncommon as you would think and apparently more common in boys that might be your issue
My situation was exactly the same, only my kid is a girl. She will be 4 in less than 2 months. She was trained, had constipation, regressed, and now will pee on the potty with no problem but will only poop in her pull up. We tried the things you mentioned, except letting her go naked. One mom recommended not doing pull-ups, but putting her back in diapers. We thought about that but when we talked to our daughter she didn't seem to care. Sorry, no answers. Oh, one other thing we did, we have her on daily, half doses of Miralax to keep her regular. That's helped the constipation but not the pooping in the pull-up.

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