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My 3 year old wont go to sleep without me & wont sleep the whole night

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you started an awful habit, that now has to be broken. put your child in a toddler bed, and tell him/her to stay there. create a bedtime routine such as, bath, pj's, brush teeth, read story. sit on the bed while you read a bedtime book, and when your done, leave them room. tell the child he/she is not to get up, unless for the bathroom. put a gate in front of the bedroom door, even, to keep him in the room, atleast. stop putting him in your bed, NOW. it's only going to get better over time, when you offer him no other options, and stick with it. don't give in when he/she throws a fit.  
I feel your pain.  My son is 3 and still sleeps with me.  Now we are having another child so it is going to be even more of a problem soon enough.  I try to put him in his room and h cries and cries.  We live in an apartment and the walls are thin so I do not let it go on long before I give in.  He sleeps with me and has to have a hand or something on me to make sure I do not leave.  If I get up he follows soon enough.  If you find something that works please let me know.  Good luck.

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