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My 3 yr. old doesn't wanna use the potty. Any ideas??

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She refuses to use the training potty. She started out good but now doesn't even wanna try. She is still learning to talk and is in speech therapy so she has a hard time communicating.

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Make a big deal out of it.  Prizes, squeeling, jumping up and down, sing a you went potty song.  Give her lots of juice and water and make her go on a schedule to try.  Just keep reinforcing this is where she goes.  Don't give up or lose patience and you'll get there.
Would she rather use your "big" potty? I know that made a difference with my youngest daughter. She started out using the "little" potty but then she realized everyone else used the "big" one and wanted to too. I agree that the yelling, squeeling, loving kind of thing is a good idea. Kids love to be praised so making a big deal about it makes them feel better about it. Also she might have a problem with potty training because that means she has to be a big girl. My youngest doesn't want to be a big girl she wants to stay a baby. A lot of the time she still doesn't want to use the potty and it is very frustrating! I would see if maybe that plays a part in it and if it does try doing big girl stuff with her to show her its ok and can be fun. I hope this helps because I know how frustrating it can be. Good luck :)
thank you both. i will try both options and see what helps...right now she doesnt even wanna sit on the potty. i will keep everyone updated!
Put her panties underneath her pull ups or training pants.  Don't do anything super absorbant under them, you want regular panties like she will wear after she's done potty training.  She will hate the cold, wet feeling when she goes in them; that should help push her to get on the potty faster.  It worked for both of my boys.  Poops were worse to because it kept them close to their bodies and they hated it!!!  Yes, it means more laundry for you, but the pull up over it means less carpet cleaning than the people that let their child go comando. 
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Take heart; no child starts the first day of school wearing diapers. This too, shall pass. I have two suggestions - I recommend only trying the one you know will appeal to your daughter. One is to put a very lovely bowl of very delightful candies on the toilet. Instruct her that every time she uses the potty, she may have a piece of candy, no matter what time of day, no matter if she's had breakfast, no matter what, every time she chooses to use the potty, she may take a candy. After this is well established (say 2 weeks), tell her the day prior that you know and she knows she is fully capable of using the potty and starting tomorrow, she is expected to use the potty.The second suggestion is similar except use dollar store toys wrapped up pretty and placed in a basket on top of the refrigerator. She gets to pick a toy every time she uses the potty.These aren't bribes; they are goal incentives. Bribes try to get someone to do the wrong thing. A goal incentive works to promote positive actions.

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