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my 3 yr. old has no interest in potty training what should i do?

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Offer treats :) That worked for my neice! Some kids are just afraid of the toilet, show your 3 year old how its done, and show that there is nothing to be afraid of...and tell your little one if he/she does it, they will get a present, like a peice of candy or something. We tried that with my neice, who would scream just looking at the toilet, especially when she heard it flush. Now she goes all by herself! However, she refuses to flush the toilet haha, she leaves it and tells mommy to do it for her lol :)
What worked for us, was just letting them do it on there own time.  We showed them everything about it and just let them do their own thing. With our first daughter we tried the regular potty training methods (rewards, sitting on potty until they go, etc) and it stressed us out that she wasn't getting it.  Which in turn stressed her out.  So our pediatrician said, it's not that big of deal.  Kids have so much more important things to learn in their first few years.  Then she suggested we just let our dd do it when she wanted to.  It worked.  Within months she was doing it all by herself.We decided to do the same with our next 2 children and all 3 of them were potty trained before 4 yrs old and we've had only a couple "accidents" over the years and no bed wetting.We plan to try the same method with our next 2.  Of course, what works for one family, may not work for the next. 
genlyn is right. let your kid do it on his own time. i recently started training my daughter, who is only 20 months. she demanded to be trained twice, and so i started. she decided that she was not ready to dive in full-force, so we are taking it slow for now. instead of wearing undies all day, we only do it for half the day. this seems to be helping a great deal with her. it eliminated the tears, and tantrums. hope this helps, and good luck. potty training is something i have dreaded since i was pregnant! keep it upbeat, and possitive. don't let yourself get too worked up over it. no child will go off to college in diapers, as they say. don't bother with rewards. potty training is not about morals. it's about growing up, and doing what the rest of the world does. just put him in undies, and take him in there every 15 minutes. set an egg timer, and tell him when the bell ding's, it's potty time.
screw pull ups, they are too much like diapers, and so kids just go in them, thinking they are diapers. i use regular cotton underwear with my daughter. she hates the feeling of walking around with wet undies. and when she pees, it runs down her leg. that may help.
try an egg timer. set it for 15 minutes, and tell him when the bell dings, it's potty time. when you get him on the potty, set it for two minutes. tell him he doesn't have to pee or poo, but atleast try, and when the bell dings, he can get up. i read books to my daughter, when she sits on the potty to ease the process. take his favorite toy in there. but screw the rewards!
I agree with not using pull ups!  I learned this the hard way.  As soon as I started putting my daughter in undies you could almost see a light bulb go off above her head the first time she went in her pants.  Even with her going to daycare full time during the day she only had one or two accidents before she was fully trained.  Good Luck and I agree with the first poster no child is going to go to college still in pull ups.  Hang in there!

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