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My 3 yr old will NOT poop on the potty. We've tried everything. HELP!!

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My 3 yr old has been potty training for 8 months and refuses to poop on the potty. He has occasional accidents at night time, but usually just once a month or so. He is very good at going teetee in the potty and sleeping dry through the night, but he refuses to go poop. He was doing good for a while and then just stopped. He doesn't fall for rewards anymore. I have even starting putting him in timeout for 2 minutes after each accident. It's not that he doesn't know how to go, he has done it before and just stopped randomly. We don't know what else to do. I have sat with him on a few occasions in the bathroom all day taking trips to the potty every 15 minutes. Doesn't work. He just holds it. I talked to his doctor about it, and he just said when he's ready he will go. We are expecting our second child in August and I would really, really like to get potty training down before we start all over in diapers with our next baby. Please, if anyone can help us we would truly appreciate it.

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when my friend first suggested that i do this, i balked, but after struggling with the issue for close to two months, i decided to give it a try, and it worked! i gave my son a laxative (fleet babylax, which is perfectly harmless according to my pediatrician), and sat him on the potty. it basically guaranteed me a bowel movement within 15 minutes that he couldn't possibly hold in.  within a couple of days it was no longer necessary, he was completely trained. good luck!  
When potty-training, my 3 year old was the same way. She would pee in the potty, but wouldn't poop, even though she had done it before. For her, it was like she was terrified to do it. She would always hide under the dining room table and poop in her pull-up or underwear there. When I saw her going there, I'd try to stop her and put her on the potty; she'd hold it. If she couldn't hold it anymore she'd cry hysterically while sitting on the potty, holding as hard as she could. I would try to talk her thru it, calm her down, it didn't work. So one time as she was heading for the table I said, "here, lets put your potty under the table!" and she was hesitant, but curious, so we did it, and she pooped in it! It was still hard; as the poop was coming out she was scared to let it go, but she did it. I kept the potty there for a few days, and it took coaxing from me every time she had to go, for a few days, but then she was fine. Now she has no problems whatsoever. I think for some kids its just scary, and maybe something they want to have control over. I don't know how this can help you, but hopefully it will in some way. Good luck!
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Try the reward system Get a jar and keep it in the batrhoom. every time she poops on the potty have her put a coin or marble in the jar when its full tell her she can have any toy she wants from the store 
Try the reward system Get a jar and keep it in the batrhoom. every time she poops on the potty have her put a coin or marble in the jar when its full tell her she can have any toy she wants from the store 
I just showed my 3 yeard old son that he doesn't have anymore diapers because he's a big boy now and that he has to go poopy on the big boy's potty.. and when he said, "mommy, i need to go poopy".. we both ran to the bathroom but he refused on the first time but I stayed there with him and I told him that he needs to stay there and wait until it comes out and he'll get a new toy.. and he did!   

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