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my 3.9 yr old son says he cant sleep bec there pretend ppl in his room

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My son suddenly claims he cannot close his eyes and fall asleep in his room because there are pretend people there that bother him. I donot know how to deal??

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There are alot of things that could be the cause of this. One: is the shows your son is watching on tv if you ask him to describe these people that are bothering him and they are alot like characters on his favorite tv shows then it's just his over active imagination not letting him sleep. And it's never a bad thing to have an imagination so don't punish him for it. Two: could be if he uses a night light take a look at how it casts light at night to see if maybe there are shadows playing tricks on his young mind. Another thing of course could be food. Have you every heard the line "oh, that was a crazy dream... what did i eat last night?" Food plays alot into it too. Spicy foods, chocolate and fatty foods in general are believed to cause nightmares if consumed before bed.Lastly, and this is a subject not alot of people want to talk about because it has alot to do with what you believe. But it is said that animals, the elderly and young children can sense and sometimes see or communicate with "spirits" or "ghosts". And even if you do believe in that, not many parents want to believe that their kid is the one that can see them. All in all if that is the case best thing to do is try to understand and speak to an expert about it and i'm not talking about a psychologist. But the absolute worse thing to do would be to ignore it or call him a liar. Best of luck to you.
get a night light. is your house haunted? i know that sounds goofy, but children are very susceptible to energies and spirits. if there is a ghost in the house, then your kid may be able to see it.
my three year old says the same thing, I asked him who he sees and he said , "nanny, grandpa and my brother" Nanny is my great grandma who passed away when I was little. He was born on her birthday, she told my mom she had a thing for blonde hair blue eyed boys,thats my son.. grandpa is her husband and as far as him saying he sees "brother" i had miscarried before him, my son is three. he has no clue he could have very well had an older brother!
I would ask him how they bother him. But try not to lead him when you ask. Sometimes kids will agree with you even if its not really what happening. My oldest also claimed to see people who she could have never known but she was never frightened. In fact she wasn't afraid of the dark till someone intentionally scared her by telling her there was a boogy man just to try to make her leave a room. (Nice, huh?) I have never told her she wasn't seeing anything I simply gave it to her straight when she was afraid of the dark. I told her people made up the boogy man and monsters because they like to scare people or they think its fun to make up scary ideas because they are silly. We even had a few trips her and I to the closet and the bathroom with the lights off to show her how her ears play tricks on her when its dark and she can't see. I taught how one sense is stronger when another can't be used, and that she's just not used to paying attention to all those sounds through out the day. This might be his imaginary people. I also told her plainly there are no monsters, I'm your mom and you I would tel you if there was danger. Anytime she wasn't sure we both looked through the whole room together so she could see I wasn't just saying it, she had proof. I never subscribed to the monster spray tactic because I think that's just agreeing they are there.If your son is truly seeing spirits and they are not harming him then maybe you can work with him becoming comfortable with them.Good luck momma. Any issue that keeps us up at night is difficult but try to consider carefully what you say to him because it might make the problem draw out longer.
I can really say that the asnwers above are really good ones... it could be a shadow, reflective of the light, it could be sounds not usually heard during the day, an over-active mind, and or lastly.... spirits... i truly believe that you need to work on narrowing down the options and get to the cause. especially if its what we might fear most... spirits, especially if they are unwelcomed (evil) ones. i implore you to seek measures of ensuring the safety of your home and all in it. even if its not the spirits... just for a more pure living... get a cactus, or aloe plant and keep it at the entrance of your home, smudge your home with sage, frankinsence, myrhh, lavender, sweet grass... pray more, give thanks more often... and if its your kids imagination... keep it goin... maybe not when its bedtime, but our imagination is a wonderful thing, creativity, artistic... like the ones before me, i wish you well and hope you get this dealt with... please keep us posted!
I agree with everyone to narrow down the possibiltes of what the child could be seeing. My 2 and a half year old has never met my Grandfather, yet she pointed him out in a picture. I like to believe what she was seeing occasionally was him checking up on her.

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