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my 3wk baby is very fussy im thinkn she has colic what do i do?

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call your doctor just so atleast you know for sure
for colic baby if u r breastfeeding u gotta be easy on like fried food and you actually still need to maintain a diet which is veryyyyyy healthy ... because whatever you eat is going to the baby....and i really mean it because i knw how my baby use to react as soon as i would eat something spicy or something different.and if you are pumping and giving him milk through bottle just make sure its warm milk  not cold(like i happen to do sometimes without realising)and few indian remedies ....  there is this black salt you take tht on ur pinky(smallest finger)just enough on the tip and give it your baby just like that and also we would give everyday almost gripe water.... and then one more thing we do is take some asafoetida and take a spoon put water on it warm water and now put tht asafoetida just like enough like less thn half spoon or just enough in water... and then stir it with your finger now rub that on belly button and just let it stay ...hopefully this helps .... i will think of more tips will let you know soon .

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