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my 3yr old granddaughter asks me all the time if I am mad at her

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She also says she is sorry all the time for the everything that goes wrong . It is beyond the norm. I know my daughter has a quick temper. I saw this child totally freak out over spilt milk.....I am worried this 3 yr old is a mess....she tell me all the time she is nervous really a three yr old should even know nervousness. I am worried.

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I wouldn't be very concerned about this unless you suspect physical abuse as well. Toddler's pick up on emotional words and social niceties (thank you, please, I'm sorry) around the same time in one big wave. What happens is that some of these words, they cannot assign a meaning to. Mad, sad, mean etc. So you'll hear toddlers fishing for meaning with them, Am I happy? Are you happy? Are you mad? I'm mad at you. My daughter went through a long phase when she learned mad where every time I gave her a meal, she would scrunch up her face and say, "I'm mad at you!" And it probably persisted because the first time, I thought she was serious and reacted like, "Oh no! Why are you mad at me? Didn't you ask for this?" So there's the distinct possibility that your grand daughter has no idea what mad is, but she's picked up these words from television or her parents and uses them because she knows they catch your attention, and get a rise out of you.

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