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My 3yr old resists potty training what can i do

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I tried the bare bottom technique and my daughter literally hold it all day till i put a diaper on her to lay her down at night, i tried underwear and she pees in them. I really just dont know what to do. shes almost 3 now, i tried with her before and we had success with pooping in the potty but after a couple weeks she would stop for a week then start then stop so i eventually decided she just wasnt ready and waited a while but now she doesnt seem to be into it at all and i dont want her holding her pee in all day i know its not good for her. any help you could give me would be great.

answers (2)

What ever method you try to use, be consistent. If you can't follow through with it, she isn't going to try either. Try doing what you were doing when she was first learning. If she doesn't care for it, keep trying. Don't take breaks from it.
We tried a few different approaches and what finally worked for my daughter was putting her potty chair in the living room. I told her that she could go whenever she needed to and she was happy to do it all by herself. She had almost no accidents after that.It sounds like your daughter is ready for potty training if she's able to hold her pee all day long. Try putting a potty chair in the living room or hallway, somewhere that's easy for her to access and that is always lighted, and see what happens. Your daughter may simply want more control over the situation.

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