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My 4 mth baby wakes every 2 hrs at night.Is this a sign of Acid Reflux

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He goes to bed awake (9pm) and soothes himself to sleep (he never cries). Then he wakes up at 230am for a feed (exclusively breastfed) and goes right back to sleep. Then he wakes up at 4am and 6am and insists on the breasts but only sucking for 1-2 minutes and then falls asleep. He then wakes up for the day (consistently) at 7-7:30. What can I do to stop the 4 and 6am wake ups? is this a sign of Acid Reflux?

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Unless he's crying and seems like he's in pain it probably isn't reflux. Generally reflux symptoms occur at a much earlier age and it's pretty obvious because the baby will cry and be in pain after every feeding.If this is something new it may be that your son is going through a growth spurt. If this is the case it shouldn't last more than a week and he should return to a normal sleep schedule. It could also be that he's experiencing some discomfort from the early stages of teething. If neither of those are the cause it may be that he's just used to waking up for multiple feedings and is doing so because it's a habit. If he's pushing up and rolling over during the day his body may be having a little trouble adjusting to the new level of activity and he may be waking up because he's a little hungry.Whatever the cause, I suggest you wait it out for at least a few more days. Babies go through all sorts of stages and phases and night wakings go along with a lot of different things. If he's not actually hungry, do what you can to soothe him without trying to feed him. He's young, but he does need to learn that there's no incentive to waking up in the middle of the night if nothing is wrong. Try giving him a pacifier to see if that comforts him. If the wakings don't stop in about a week you might want to call his pediatrician to talk about what you can do. I doubt there is anything wrong, it's just a good idea to keep his doctor informed of what's going on and he or she can offer some good advice on how to handle all kinds of situations.
It sounds as if he's waking up out of habit at those hours, like V said.  Because you're the Bringer of Food, however, you're not likely to have much success in getting him and not feeding.  How quickly do you get him at the 4 and 6am "feedings"?  Let him fuss a little, to see if he'll put himself back to sleep.  As long as he's not hysterically crying, give him 4-5 minutes before you go in.  He may whimper for a few minutes, and then conk right back out again. Another suggestion is to let your partner/husband/boyfriend handle those wakeups.  If your son is breastfeeding, he's going to associate you with food.  If the other parent goes in, though, he's less likely to get upset with the food is not forthcoming, and thus more likely to go back to sleep with only a cuddle and a pacifier.  (It's worth a try, anyway.) 
Thanks for both of your answers. I do let him fuss a nd it escalates to a shrieking cry. Which is why I decided its much easier to just pick him up and comfort him for a minute on the boob and then he goes right back to sleep. I'm leaning with both of you that the 4 and 6am are habit wake ups. How do you break those without the "Crying out" method? Or is that the only way?He is exactly 14 weeks old.
He's a little too young to be crying it out. And, it's not a method I like anyway, especially for little ones. I would try offering a pacifier to see if that calms him down. Azriona may be right, since you're nursing he may get upset if he isn't offered milk. But since it seems like he just needs a little comfort and isn't actually hungry he may not care as long as he has something to suck on. You can also try comforting him without taking him out of the crib, especially since he's already going to sleep by himself. Try rubbing his back or even just talking to him. It's normal for babies and children to wake up during the middle of the night, helping him to settle himself down without needing a lot of extra comforting will make things easier as time goes on.
This doesn't sound like reflux. It sounds like he's just waking up out of habit.
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