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My 4 year old refuses to go to school or do any home work...

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My 4 year old attends headstart program, and lately he refusing to go and he is being lazy, wants to play first and then do his work. when he does get into doing his work he does it really fast and correctly but that happens rarely. I am having a hard time with him I dont know how to keep it interesting for him. Help! he is lazy and doesnt care for school Im scared he might have a hard time when he starts kindergarden. what do I do?

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He is 4! He should not have homework. There are activities you can do at home but it should be fun not home work. I worked in a preschool and we never gave the kids homework, if they were not there we sent the papers home but they did not have to do it. Even when they were in school they did not have to do the work and there was no pressure. We spent a 1/2 hour at the most working on letters like that the rest was play based learning. Which is the best for kids. You son is not lazy he is 4, he needs to play and be very active. He has many more years ahead of him sitting in a class doing work and spending hours after school on home work. If you force it on him he will really start to hate it and make him sour on learning all together.
I agree. He sounds like a normal 4 year old. Regardless of how intelligent he may be, schoolwork and homework are not going to hold his interest. Children this young need play based lessons (games, etc.), and things like art and music. 
Let 4 year olds be 4!! They need to have the freedom to have fun!  There are so many other things, rather than head start programs, that are more fun! (like VforVenture said)
Let 4 year olds be 4!! They need to have the freedom to have fun!  There are so many other things, rather than head start programs, that are more fun! (like VforVenture said)
I'm in the same boat - my four year old dislikes preschool and I struggle to get him to do the practice sheets for kindergarten prepardness. Don't lable him lazy or it will stick - I doubt he's lazy when he has incentive or cares about what he's doing, like building legos or setting up a Hotwheels track. Try to give him incentives or use a reward chart to motivate him to do homework. Also remember that if he knows the material very well then he doesn't want to do it because it's boring to him. If he knows the answers don't stress - kindergarten won't be difficult for him. If you still feel he needs to work on certain subjects then emphasize those and show him what he's working towards, meaning what he'll be able to do once he masters a skill like reading. Good luck and be as patient as you can be with him. His behavior is age appropriate. 

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