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My 4 year old is wetting the bed, what to do?

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He was doing very well for a long time, maybe having an accident once a month and now it's numerous times a week! If he wakes up during the night I make him go to the bathroom, which helps. But he doesn't usually wake up. I won't let him spend the night with anyone, including his grandparents because I don't want anyone else dealing with it. Any suggestions?

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Have there been any changes in your life recently? If there is something causing you stress h could be picking up on it. Or it could even be something as simple as a new kid in daycare/preschool. Whether there is a new stress or not you should make sure that he doesn't have anything to drink for an hour or two before bedtime. This way he'll be better able to stay dry through the night.
and have him try to use the potty right before bed.

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