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My 4 yr old lies to me how can i teach him that lying is wrong?

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My mom used to tell me that it was bad to lie and I would get my butt spanked, or no tv, or no desert, or a time out. Most of the time it was a combination. It worked well when I was little and still works on my brothers today. Look for what your 4 year old likes the most and take it away for a week or so. I would start out for a day and gradually go up if you dont see improvement. My mom also knew that I didnt like to read and she got me a 500 page book when I was about 7 and made me read it in a week. Believe me, I learned my leasson. If they throw a fit, get on their level and explain why you did that and that if they do it again the same thing will happen. Kids understand a lot when they are little they just need to be told in a way they understand and can remember.  

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