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My 4 yr old son has been rubbing himself, and I can't get him to stop!

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My 4 yr old son lays on his stomach with his hands down at his pee pee and rubs, and rubs, and rubs. In his bed, on the couch, under the dining room table, on time out...wherever he can! I've told him to only do it in private, but now he does it every morning and every night! When I ask him why, he says it feels good. What can I do to stop/prevent/coach him on this?

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Your son is young and I don't think he knows its something to be embarressed about or to do in private. Just tell him that his pee pee is private and he doesn't want people to see his butt so he can only do this when he is in private, that will make him not wanna do it in front of people. I wouldn't punish him because he really doesn't know better all he knows is that it feels good or its comforting. Plus I think it's a boy thing, my son constantly pulls at is thingy every chance he gets. Eventually he will grow out of it.
Tell him he has to wash his hands after. When I worked in a preschool we made the boys go to the potty and when they were done they had to wash their hands. Little kids are not a fan of washing their hands and soon decided they would rather play then have to go get their hands washed.  Explain this is something he has to do in private. If you catch him doing it tell him he can go to his room and be in private then have him go wash his hands when he wants to come out and play.
This is completely normal behavior for children of both genders. I'm going through it now with both of my kids. I tell them that their private parts are private and aren't supposed to be touched in front of other people unless it's bathtime. It just takes some patience and persistance. 
I believe that your child has the right to pleasure himself and you shouldn't be mad because he would've started in a few years anyway. MASTURBATION ISN'T A CRIME                                                                                             's fun.

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