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My 4yr old son wont eat anything!!! What can i do to get him to eat???

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My son was like that for a while and still is some what. I took him to the dr and they said it is food manipulation. I started letting him help me cook and that helped his appetite. They say letting the kid pick out recipes, shop for the ingredients, prepare the food and help with what cooking they can increases their desire to eat what they have chosen and fixed. Just remind him that is what he picked and wanted to have and if he doesn't eat it the dr told me to put it up and give it back to them when they say they are hungry. Remember portion size should only be about a tablespoon of each thing. Good luck and hope this helped. :)
I am very thankful that my daughter is a great eatter. That being said, we never gave her a choice. If she refused to eat at dinner time, she could leave the table, but later when she was hungry, she had the same option, or something worse... as in, you can have your chicken and veggies, or I'll make you a tuna sandwich (which she hates). We also made sure that we all eat the same thing. If it's not good enough for mommy and daddy, why should she eat it? Also, make sure they're not snacking, because their little bellies get full fast, and that snack will end up replacing dinner!   If it is just a random thing that they won't eat, but you never had a problem before, make sure it's not something like a cold, tonsils, or sore throat!
The first two responses are both really good. I'm just wondering if there are others issues at play.  Did he used to eat a variety of foods and now it has dwindled to one or two favorites?  What is his speech like?  How is he getting his nutrition?  Which food does he want to eat? 

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