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my 4yr. old will not go poo poo.

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my son has been potty trained for 2 yrs now. he just recently started to refuse to go poo poo. he fights us and screams and cries. keeps saying "i just dont want to go poo poo!" he holds it in. he will pass gas and smell himself and say he is stinky. we have tried to read to him, play his leapster, give him books,sit in the bathroom and talk to him,and even bought a new toilet seat that is for adults and toddlers. nothing is working.he gets plenty of exercise and fluids and fiber. he is not constipated. its almost as if he is afraid to let it out. his bowel movements are not hard usually. he just keeps holding it in even when sitting on the toilet. any ideas?

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aversion can be triggered by lots of events, but at 4, it is reasioanable that having a part of you ripped away where you cant see it is very disturbing.  Maybe it is just the sounds (thats the problem we have had the most)  A short period of pooping on a paper towel and then putting it in the toilet might make headway, as well as talking about food -> eating -> poop -> soil -> food.  This sort of thing has an almost spiritual level of connection when they understand it.  See if you can get his head to start thinking about it a little more like you do.

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