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my 5 month old is developing really fast, could i be pregnant?

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She has been developing fast since birth and my family has said that she is getting out of the way for the new baby. I have not believed this but I started feeling pregnant the same day that my 5 month old sat up for the first time. Is it possible that she knew/knows about a new baby, that I don't even know about??

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It's possible, but it's unlikely that you being pregnant would cause your baby to be more advanced. All children develop at different rates, some faster, some slower. Take a pregnancy test to be sure, but don't worry. My 4 1/2 month old daughter is already scooting (almost crawling) and I'm definitely not pregnant.
Forgot to add:Early physical development is a result of muscle strength. Babies can't consciouly "work out" to gain strength faster because they sense a new pregnancy. It happens when it happens. Generally, the only motivating factor in speeding up development is older siblings. Babies want to be able to do the things they see kids close to their size doing. Once they realize they have control over their body (which only happens once the myelin sheaths are formed over the axons, completing nueral pathways and allowing for faster transimition of signals to and from the brain) they can work toward trying to do things they see other kids do. But again, it all depends on the child. 
my first daughter took her first steps at 7 1/2 months, and was nearly running at 9 months. she walked backwards at 11 months. i was told the same thing that you were-she's getting out of the way for a new baby. however, i was not pregnant at that time. same thing with my 5 month old, just like v's daughter who shares a bday with my baby. she is scooting also, and trying to sit independently.
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