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My 5 week old accidently drank the wrong bottle, 6 oz whole milk HELP

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What can happen? Mom n law fed her my 18 month old sons 6 oz milk bottle.. Shes been drinking 3oz enfamil bottles. Will she be ok?

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First off, CALM DOWN :)She will probably be ok. Enfamil is usually cow milk protein based so if she was allergic to that you would know. One bottle will not hurt her nutrition much either. 
call her doc! babies bellys are so new so she may or may not have digestive problems. but would you want to risk it?
One bottle and once time it will be okay. Yes their baby's tummies are not meant to digest whole milk yet, it will be a little hard on her. She may get a little constipation or diaherra but nothing that will harm her. If she's on Enfamil, I am guessing it's regular, as it is cow's milk based then she should not have any allergic reaction as it's the same milk preotein.
Call her docter. The docter will tell you exactly what to do.
she will be fine. but it was not your 5 week old that made the mistake. it was the MIL. you need to clarify that in your question. and to mamaduck, it's not preotein. it's PROTEIN! if you can't spell then grab a webster's!

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