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My 5 year old yells at me when I ask him if he's okay.

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When I think my son isn't feeling well I ask him if he's okay, he always yells at me! Even if he is feeling okay he still yells at me. Also, if he's not he pretty much shuts down and yells to be left alone. I need to figure out why he does this because I'm getting frustrated. I try telling him that I only ask because I care and love him but he doesn't want to hear it. He never tells me if he's feeling bad and sometimes it's too late. Any suggestions?

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Give him a bell to ring, tell him to ring it when he is not feeling well or if he needs something. That way he doesn't feel like you are bothering him; kind of letting things happen at his own pace.
Is he autistic? or have asburgers syndrom? because i have a cousin like this and he has a ;low case of autism/asburgers.  

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