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my 5th child and 35 weeks this pregnancy has been a hard one

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its been different then any of my rest for sure, suffer from high blood pressure from the very beginning chose not to take meds got it lower with excersize and diet and garlic pills so know at 35 weeks my blood pressure is perfect had a ultrasound at 32 weeks and the baby was measuring big 4 weeks ahead they said he measure at 36 weeks and was at 6 lbs so they started giving me weekly stress test i am huge havent gain no weight this pregnancy actully lost weight they aint bother by it baby is growing good plus i am over weight as it is so they not concern about the weight what my arguement with the doctor that usually woman with high pressure are to have smaller babys so maybe in the beginning when they gave me a due date it was wrong that my high blood pressure delay the baby from growing is it possiable they are wrong on the due date and i am 4 weeks farther that would put me at 39 weeks like i said i am huge at times hard to breath depends on how the baby is laying and know hard time eating aint getting hungrey and have to make myself eat and when i do i take couple bite and i am full i feel the baby but not as much it feels more like squims i want to try to start making myself go into labor but but the actully first due date saying i am 35 weeks is what got me scare because dont want my son to have problems with breathing or should i go by the measurements at 32 weeks saying i was 36 at that time, doctor said he wasnt going to change my due date but i feel as i am done and it should be time argg so confused dont want to deleivery a almost 11lb baby again yes my last child weight in at 10 lbs 13 ozs no diabities and delivery was tough they had us worry on the whole shoulder thing they was ready to break his collar bone or rush me into a c section but some how when he came out his arm was beside his head so we had a hand that came out first that rotated the shoulder to allow him to come out. Dont want that stress while delievery again

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I think its reall weird that they won't change your dur date with a 4 week difference. My midwife changes it if its more than a week different. I definitely wouldn't want an 11 pound baby either iit gets scary when they are that big. I wouldn't try to induce. If you really are 4 weeks farther along then he will be ready to come out soon. There's no way that if you are 4 weeks ahead of your due date that you will actually make it to your due date. I can see how you would be frustrated but I would just try and relax and let him come when he is ready. Good luck! :)

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