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this is my 5th preg and all I wanna do is eat,is this normal im 5week

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I have been having food cravings, which has never happened. Also I am having just some mild cramps, nothing serious, is that normal also. I know I should know this stuff, but this pregnancy is sooo different then my other 4.

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This is my fourth and I wanna eat everything in sight! It happened with my second also but turns out both times its gestational diabetes for me :( Don't wanna scare you but you might want to keep it in mind. I have heard that cramping around now is due to implantation.I know all about it being sooo different. I haven't felt like this before with any of my other 3. I hope all is well with you. Good luck :)
Before i found out i was prego, i was eating everything is sight!! and gained 15 lbs!! (eek!!) but after i found out i WAS prego, ive been walking everyday, trying to eat right and drinking SO MUCH water and milk.. and ive lost almost all of that added weight... just try to eat right and healthy for you and your baby and dont "over eat".. but its ok to give into cravings sometime...( ive got a stash of sour gummies just in case )

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