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my 6 year old is stressed out what do i do?

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my 6 year old doesn't want to do anything with other people. Used to be a very socal. She went to preshcool and did great. Kindergarten happened, about half way she stopped liking it. Now it is summer and is already not wanting to go. We did bible school and she was a mess. This is her 5th year at bible school. She didn't even eat snack. Is this just a fase? Kindergarten was all day. I dont know if that messed her up? She was never a clingy kid. Now she is even when i leave her at my moms.

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Aparently somethings going on.. You should talk to her ask her whats going on what bothers her about people...? maybe something happend to her at school maybe another child bothered her,made fun of her,,, comunicate with her as much as possible...
I'd say something happened to her. Tell her she has nothing to be ashamed of that she can tell you anything and you won't judge her.
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