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My 7 1/2 month old has started pulling away from nursing at night.

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He is cutting two teeth, could this be to blame? Or is he beginning the weening process? Am I only hurting things by giving him a bottle?

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Baby's are going to change their eating habits.  He may just need more sleep at night now and less nutrients.  It could be his teeth.  Introducing a bottle can cause a baby to want less breast, a bottle is much easier to eat from.  If you want to continue the nursing process then try less bottle and more breast.  I've always feed when hungry, I've never really done a scheduled feeding for my other 2 babies.  I think it's less stressful on mommy that way; but it's definitely not for everyone.  Just remember that his eating will change as he continues to grow.  I don't think any one thing can be to blame, but may all of it contributes together and he's getting older. 
I don't believe it his his incoming teeth that is causing this. It is not adnormal for a baby to stop nursing at night especially at his age. You are doing the right thing by giving your child a bottle because sooner or later he will need to start on a sippy-cup and if he wanted to nurse until the age of 1 or 1 and a half you would simply have more trouble getting him on a sippy-cup.

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