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My 7 1/2 year old cries about the smallest things..

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He is very sensitive and has some anxiety over the smallest things. It seems the older he gets the more sensitive he is. Will he ever outgrow this?

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Its possible he will but some people are just more likely to cry... I am almost 30 myself and tear up at the most in opportune moments. 
your son may end up being gay. no offense, but its something that you need to think about. you have probably babied him his whole life, and thats why he is so sensitive. if he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and used to getting his way all the time, then that's what the problem is.
Every person is different and it's possible that your son will always be on the sensitive side.  You could also be reinforcing his anxiety if you are an overtly attentive parent who caters to every hint of distress.  I try to be very matter of fact about small hurts or fears.  You can acknowledge that your child FEELS worry while letting them know there's nothing to worry about.  Sensitivity implies thoughtfulness, so try talking out the issues he has problems with as they come up.  If he freaks out and you give him a bunch of frantic attention for it, then he'll be more likely to use a freak out as a way of getting your attention.  Try to make it calm steady dependable sort of attention.

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