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My 7 month old sleeps thru the night in her crib but won't nap there

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She sleeps about 11-12 hours through the night in her crib. Takes a morning nap in her bouncy seat with no fuss, but when it comes to an afternoon nap, she fights and fights. I can tell she's tired and she will fall asleep if I hold her, but then I can't put her down because she wakes up and cries. She has fought her afternoon nap for 2 hours, until it's time for me to nurse her, and then falls asleep as I'm nursing her, and the cycle continues! Any suggestions on how to make her afternoon naps easier for her and how to transition her into her crib for naps?

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My daughter takes her naps on the folding kids' couch we got in the toys section at Walmart. It is soft enough to lay her on without waking her and she can roll around as much as she wants. I can't reach over her crib to lay her down without waking her so I can't help you there.

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