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Is my 7 month old son spoiled?

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He almost always wants to be held and rarely plays alone. I do not have any other children so playing by himself will be something he may have to get used to. I am a stay at home mom so I can play with him and shower him with attention throughout the day but I can't possibly spend my 24 hr day on the play pad with him! What should I do? I have purchased sooo many toys, dvds, music cds, play pen, walker, exersauser etc to entertain him and nothing seems to work! Please help!

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I often worry about this, too. My son attends an in-home day care, and it seems like that has really helped. Is there a mommy-and- me class you could go to? That way he could learn to play with other kids and see that you don't always have to be the partner.That said, it's soo hard not to spoil your baby. Especially when they are the only.
Absolutely not, your baby is not spoiled! He wants to interact with you! He sounds like a very social baby. This could be difficult for you if that is not your bend. Take him around with you and talk to him while to do chores, explaining to him what you are doing. Of course he can't understand, but your voice is comforting to him. Also, try putting him in front of a mirror. This is very entertaining for babies. Another thing you can try is to record yourself reading simple children's books and play that for him while he holds a photo album you've made of family pictures. Be creative, this "season" will be over soon and your little boy will be running around like a banchee! Enjoy this sweet time together.
I practice attachment style parenting so I don't believe that a baby is really spoiled. It's normal and in their nature for them to want to be close to their parents, especially the primary caregiver, usually mom. One big aspect of attachment parenting is babywearing. I carry my son around in a sling for a few hours a day at least in total which allows me to get things done around the house. It's a real life saver. I don't have to wait until he's asleep to do my house work. Obviously, there are times when your baby should play by himself, but babies who are worn in carriers are less fussy, less colicky, less needy, you learn to read their cues, you form a stronger bond, you end up talking to them a lot more, and some research suggests babies develop faster when they are worn in a carrier. It seems like if you carry him a lot, he will always need to be carried, but when I take my baby out of the carrier, he seems very content. He can sleep in the carrier, I can nurse him in it, the one I'm using now does not strain my back, and I have two free hands while he is able to explore his environment and learn by watching what I'm doing from my perspective. There are a lot of carriers out there. I like the Ergo, sling style carriers or wrap style carriers (moby, sleepy wrap). 

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