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my 7 week want poop

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my 7 week old baby is breastfeed and still has trouble having a bm. i cant think of anything that im eating different. is it normal for him to go a whole day without one. he has alot of gas but thats it. its been almost 2 days. i've gave him gas drops and warm baths, nothing has helped

answers (4)

It can be normal.  Remember this whole eating thing is new to him.  They make some constipation drops that you can give him, they are by little tummies; but you should probably start by calling his pediatrician.  They may want you to come in or can give you some advice over the phone.  Especially in someone so little you want the advice to come from a qualified physician.
I agree. I would call the dr. It is more normal for a breastfed baby to poop all the time then not at all. I've always heard that breastfed babies poop twice as often as bottlefed babies. I wouldn't take a chance with it. I would call and see what the dr says just to be safe.
I use the site as a referrence and have gottensome pretty good advice but if your baby doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort he should be fine. I read the same thing about breastfed babies pooping more (it also says that their poops shouldn't smell also) but my second daughter has been going through the same thing. Since she was about 2 months old she would go anywhere from 1 to 4 days without pooping. As long as he is passing gas he should be fine. If you feel uncomfortable though you should always call his doctor.
I had trouble with my son not pooping I took him to doctor over it they just told me to give him apple juice. If you do 1oz juice do 1 oz water, 2oz juice then 2 oz water. =]

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