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My 7-year-old daughter will not behave anywhere.

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She has many symptoms of ADHD (violence, wetting the bed, excessively hyper) but every doctor I take her to says she is too young to diagnose. I have taken counseling, parenting classes and tried everything else I can think of. She keeps getting in trouble at school and is in constant trouble at home. I don't want to live like this! Please does anyone have any ideas?

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If you really think your daughter has ADHD here are a couple of things that may help you at least at home When you ask her to do something you can't just say go clean your room all that will happen is she will go to her room and start playing because she has already forgotten the task asked.  Instead go with her to her room and say please pick up all the dirty laundry and place it in the basket (bring a book or something to do because this takes a while) then if she gets off track remind her what she is supposed to be doing.  Once she has completed that task give another SPECIFIC thing to do, ie place all the books in the bookshelves. Yes you are going to have to remind her but this will make life much happier for you both, when she is sent to do something like , go to the kitchen and get an apple she will forget why she is in the kitchen because for kids with real ADHD they have trouble remembering any sequential tasks without prompting Never punish her for wetting the bed, be matter of fact and even at 7 you can have her help you change her sheets Violence should never be tolerated and should result in time out however with children with ADHD they do not remember why they are in time out for more than 5 minutes so instead do more time outs for less time Excessively Hyper is usually best dealt with with physical activity i.e. going outside and playing or seeing how many jumping jacks she can do in 2 minutes,,, make it fun use contests and it should help both her and you
have you taken her to a psychologist? i had adhd as a kid and was on medication at 7 years old.

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