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My 7m old wakes up & wants a bottle How can I get him to sleep all nit

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He used to sleep thru the night, but in the last month (after he started teething) he wakes up at least once a night and works himself up until he has a bottle - 4 oz and he goes right back to sleep. He gets a bottle about 2-3 hours before he falls asleep and food with ceral about a half an hour before bed. Other times during the night, he will put himself back to sleep or a back rub / head rub puts him back to sleep - an occasional hug also Is he just going thru a growth spurt? He eats very well all day long

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if he wakes up and wants a bottle i would just give it to him, if hes hungry u dont wanna make him go back to sleep w,out eating.
It can be a growth spurt. You can try giving him alittle bit more either in his bottle or cereal and see where that goes. And some children just change thier sleeping patterns and some will not sleep through the night. My second son slept through the night from 3-8 months and after that nope. He still gets up some times during the night and he's 3. So I truely think it depends on the child. You just need to do whatever it takes to get him back to sleep so Mom and go back to sleep. So if that means he wants another bottle then by all means let him have it. :)
I would feed him a bottle last thing before you put him down at night. (Don't put him to bed with the bottle, though.) If you get into the habit of feeding him the bottle at night, he will get into the habit of waking for it. If you get him back to sleep without it, he will eventually get out of waking up for it. If he's getting plenty of nourishment during the day, you shouldn't feel bad by not giving him the bottle at night. Comfort him, pacify him, or let him cry a little--that never hurt a baby either. Be tough, and you'll be fine.
You can try to put him in a swing or bouncer on low to calm him down.  Keep the swing/bouncer in your room.  a really good bouncer is at: fun!
put some cereal in his last bottle that should feel him up so he can sleep through the night.

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