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My 8yr old Daughter has been stealing, i dont know how to handle this?

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Recently i have found 2 items in my daughters room, i know that they arent hers. I confronted her and she started to lie and tell me that she found them outside. When i pressed the issue, i found out that one item was stolen from her great grandmothers house and another from my friends house. I am so sad, i dont know how to handle this. I know the right thing to do is for her to return the items, but honestly i am mortified and alittle scared for her. This isnt the first time she has stolen, usually she will take from her brothers room, or take things like makeup or nail polish from my room, and she even took 5$ from her dads wallet... I just dont know how to handle this, any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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I think it is the nature of kids this age to take things they want, but saying that you need to make her return each item to te owner and face the consequences (make sure you talk these over with the adults involved prior to making her return them so Great Grandma doesn't say "it's ok honey" when you are trying to teach a lesson.  My suggestion would be at GG house have her clean windows or vacuum floors (obviously she is not going to do as good a job as an adult but it is the experience not the work really)The other thing is to tell her that because she is taking things that do not belong to her she can not be left alone in a room without an adult while at GG or the friends house for a while so then when you visit let the other kids go play but she needs to have at least 1 visit where she is stuck in the same room with the adults (although not necessarily part of the conversation with adults remember this is a punishment) Then let her know that in the future if she steals something she will lose something from her room for 1 week starting with her favorite toy and keep going if she steals enough stuff her room will be empty except the bed...
have her return the items to their owners, and have her apologize to the person. when you are in a store, keep a very close eye on her. if you catch her trying to steal something, march her right up to the mgr, and have her give it to him/her. the next time she steals, you need to also take some privleges away from her. tv, computer, video games, etc. she needs to know that actions have consequenses, and this may curb the behavior. good luck.
I love everybody else's suggestions-but I also had a friend who just went through this with her little one.She went to the extreeme and arranged for a police officer to come over to her house, and talk with her daughter about what could happen later on in life if she was caught stealing. He then took the child in his car to the local juvenille detention center and they locked the kid up for a couple of hours(this police officer was a friend).You could try something like that
yes, humiliation is often the best way to curb this bad habbit. she will experience this by having to return the items to the previous owners.

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