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My 9 month old will not drink formula

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I have been breastfeeding my son for the past 9 months and have recently started working. I can't produce enough milk to keep him satisfied while I am gone through out the day. I have tried giving him 2 different types of formula and he refuses to drink it. Is there any formula that is semi- close to breastmilk? Or is there anything I can do to increase my milk supply so I'm able to pump enough for him?

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Add in more pumping sessions during the day. Increase the length of time you pump and try pumping for a little while after your son nurses. Your body should adjust to the increased need. You can also make bottles with formula and breastmilk to slowly get him used to the flavor of formula. Start with 75% breastmilk and 25% formula and then decrease the amount of breastmilk and increase the amount of formula.
from what i have heard, the more milk that comes out the more you make. he should only be taking a few bottles a day, and eating solid table food at that age.
at that age my daughter was only taking about 3 bottles a day and eating solid table food. we took her off the jar food at 6 months, and fed her table food. she seemed to handle it well.
Babies this age should still be receiving the majority of their nutrition from breastmilk or formula. That means they need more than "a few bottles" each day.Both of my older kids were taking 6-8 bottles a day totally 24-32 ounces for my daughter, and about 48 ounces for my son. 
Babies this age still need the majority of their nutrition to come from breastmilk or formula. They definitely need more than 3 bottles a day. The average baby this age needs around 30 ounces of milk or formula a day. Solid food should not be a mjor source of nutrition at this point.

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