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My 9 year old still likes "baby" shows--When to worry?

2 answers
Although not exclusively, My 9yr old son still likes "Mickey Mouse" "Dora" etc...He'll even watch "Elmo" (With siblings...) I may just be overthinking things...but when should I worry? It seems like such an immature choice. But, with that being said, he is also very considerate of his siblings and not "embarrassed" to sing, dance and play with them either... Is this immaturity and impulse control? Or confidence and a great big brother? Not wanting to raise a boy that the bully's love...

answers (2)

I wouldnt worry too much. Those shows are ment to catch kids attention. And all the shows you mentioned teach great things and from what you say they seem to be having a good affect.As long as he has interest in other things I wouldnt worry. Maybe take a day with him to explore some new activities and shows that are more appropriate for his age, like national geographic shows or the magic school bus.
I wouldn't worry. TV is meant to be entertainment..and that sounds like what is happening. I think its cool that he has fun with his siblings.I agree with the previous answer. Mabye take him to do more age appropriate things..Make a day, just you and him, without his siblings. I bet you he would love it! Some special attention might be just the thing he needs.

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