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My almost 2 year old son screams bloody murder throughout the night.

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He can take naps during the day just fine, but at night he screams. Not cries, but actually screams. Almost as if something is hurting him. Some nights he sleeps straight through. Others, he is up and down throughout the evening. And he is also sleeping til almost 11 am because he isn't getting the proper sleep needed at night. I've tried rocking him,singing to him, changing his position when he screams, I've given him different blankets and pillows to try to comfort him more. Should I take him to the doctor? Could it be something more than just not sleeping?

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Sounds like you are doing what you need to.  When we moved to a "bed time" there were about 2 weeks of hours of drama.  now, 14 months later, the drama is "dad, i cant find piglet, can you go please find me a good toy. or  "I cant get this blanked right, can you tuck m in again (this is requently by 4am)  but i can handle 1-2 5 min requiest across their 11-12 hours in bed every night.  Uf yiy cab nabage ti ve firm, enfiorcing your rules whly beinb able to talk empathetically, you will move forwards quickly and gracefully.

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